our technology

We are using Variable Rate Technology to apply Fertilizer and Seed. Prior to seeding, we create different zones in each field, based on a "Normalized Difference Vegetation Index" (NDVI), which is done with a Satellite. The NDVI Images show the difference in Plant vegetation within a Field, which represents different Yield Zones. The Yield maps of previous years are also used to confirm theses Zones.

After testing the Soil in the different Zones, we create an electronic map, also called a Prescription Map, which defines how much Fertilizer and Seed we want to apply in each Zone. The GPS receiver on the Tractor tells the System on which part of the Field it is, and applies the right rate for that Zone.

Our Machinery is equipped with "Real-Time Kinematic" (RTK) GPS Technology, which has a repeatable 1 – 2 cm accuracy. With that Technology, we are able to seed in between the Stubble rows of the previous Crop.

  • Improved handling of heavy residue
  • Improved harvestability and reduction in disease incidence in legume crops
  • Offers protection against impacts of wind, rain droplets and sun (Infiltration and WUE)
  • Improved sowing efficiency, seed placement and crop establishment

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Digital Tramline

With the repeatable 1-2 cm accuracy, all of our Equipment runs on the same tramlines every time.

The width of each piece of equipment matches our 35 ft tramline system with no compaction of the soil in between the tramlines.